Video On 4X4 Tires With John Cappa

Are you running the correct tires for how you use your 4X4 and do you have them inflated to the proper tire pressure for street and off road use? I have answers to those questions! Are you ready for another OffRoad Independence podcast with me? Well, too bad, we made it anyway. In this episode we talk about tires, reseating a 35-inch tire bead with a bike pump, and Eric’s porcelain figurine collection, among other things. Plus, you can look at my ugly mug the whole time, we got video working!

We cover a lot of important tire topics that alter how your 4X4 will perform on and off road and how you should choose the right tire for you. I even slip in a few tech tricks on how to reseat a tire bead in the boonies and figure out what air pressure you should be running on the street for long tire life, a more comfortable ride, and improved traction. Check it out.

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