Work Truck Wheeler

This truck has stuck around a lot longer than I thought it would. it started as my off-road toy but it’s become a pretty versatile work truck that still goes off-road regularly. It’s my all-around beater.

Stomping Ground: Ocotillo Wells, Moab, Glamis, Lowe's, Industrial Metal Supply, and the local dump.

Vehicle Year: 1973

Make: Jeep

Model: J-2000

Engine: AMC 360 V-8

Transmission: T-18 with 6.32:1 First gear

Transfer case(s): Dana 20 with Advance Adapters 32-spline rear output

Front axle/differential: Closed-knuckle Dana 44/open

Rear axle/differential: '82 Ford F-150 9-inch/Eaton Detroit Locker

Axle ratio: 4.10:1

Front suspension: Hell Creek 4-inch lift springs

Rear suspension: Stock springs with flipped shackles

Tires: 37x12.50R15 Goodyear MT/R

Wheels: 15x10 Amaerican Eagle 0589 with Champion beadlocks

Bumpers and armor: NOS Warn front bumper, stock rear, custom DOM rocker guards

Other cool stuff: Warn 8274 winch, Holley Pro-Jection EFI, Performance Distributors DUI ignition and wires, MTS fuel tank, tool box, bed-mounted spare tire, Smittybilt lumber rack (trimmed 6 inches), Kragen HID lights

Why you built it: I built it for general four-wheeling, and then switched gears to make it a work truck too.

What you would do differently: I need to install the open-knuckle '74-'79 Wide-Trac Dana 44 front axle that has been sitting in the garage.
6 thoughts on “Work Truck Wheeler”
    ColeQ May 7, 2015,12:06 am

    This is probably one of my favorite rigs that you’ve built. I love the work-truck patina, yet it is still capable off-road.

    John Cappa May 8, 2015,2:04 pm

    Thanks Cole! I hate having to worry about the paint, especially on a truck that I load with tree trimmings and other garbage.

    Eric McGrew July 19, 2015,4:38 pm

    Awesome rig John C. Love how the rig is a multiply purpose and functional use rig.

    Byron Roberts August 23, 2015,8:47 pm

    It’s hard to beat a truck you can work out of and still enjoy it off road

    Nick Cappa September 1, 2015,2:28 am

    Slow and heavy with three inches of travel. Exactly what I want.

      John Cappa September 2, 2015,1:23 am

      Hahaha! Thanks brother….Richard…