Work In Progress

This is my new project. I recently purchased a 1984 Toyota pickup.

Stomping Ground: South Georgia

Vehicle Year: 1984

Make: Toyota

Model: Pickup

Engine: 22r

Transmission: G52 5 speed

Transfer case(s): RF1A

Front axle/differential: stock 8

Rear axle/differential: Stock 8

Axle ratio: 4.10

Front suspension: 4

Rear suspension: 4

Tires: 33

Wheels: 15x8 Crager

Bumpers and armor: None at this time

Other cool stuff: Work in Progress

Why you built it: I have always wanted one of these trucks due to their toughness. I have plans to add lockers front and rear as well as some nice bumpers to both the front and rear.

What you would do differently: Previous owner welded a tow bar to the front crossmember wish I could have advised him of a different way to attach the tow bar.