Rock Hoss JK Build

Our 2012 2 Door JK Daily Driver

Stomping Ground: Colorado

Vehicle Year: 2012

Make: Jeep

Model: JK Sport

Engine: 3.6L Pentastar

Transmission: Stock Automatic

Transfer case(s): Stock

Front axle/differential: Teraflex 44 Housing, RCV's, ARB Locker

Rear axle/differential: Currie RockJock 60, with ARB Locker

Axle ratio: 5.13

Front suspension: Currie Short Arm w Currie 4

Rear suspension: Currie Short Arm w Currie 4

Tires: 40x13.50R17 Nitto Trail Grapplers

Wheels: 17x9 Method Double Standards

Bumpers and armor: Gen Right aluminum fenders, Aluminum front bumper and aluminum full skid system.

Other cool stuff: Warn M8000 Winch, Currie Antirock Sway Bars, Airaid Cold Air Intake, Magnaflow Crawler Exhaust. Bestop Trektop, Soft Half Doors.

Why you built it: I wanted to build a super light 2 door JK crawler that handled well enough to daily drive with good ride quality on big tires. We met our goal as this Jeep was on 40s and drove down the highway at 75 mph with zero vibes and handled great. A blast to drive and boy did it turn heads.

What you would do differently: I would have hung on to this Jeep as well and added coilovers and later transformed it into a camping rig.
5 thoughts on “Rock Hoss JK Build”
    Cole Quinnell September 2, 2015,1:05 am

    Since you’ve built a few of these JKs, how do you like the 2-door versus the 4-door for off-roading as well as just plain driving to work?

    John Cappa September 2, 2015,1:18 am

    Do you know the total weight as it sits in the pics?

      Derek Lobato September 2, 2015,8:31 pm

      I do not know the total weight. With 5.13s and a stock engine on 40″ tires the Jeep had some get up and go. it turned out to be exactly what I was going for. Got 19 mpg on the highway as well loaded with gear.

    Derek Lobato September 2, 2015,8:25 pm

    I feel like the 2 doors are easier to wheel and fit my personal preference a little better I think they’re the perfect trail rig. I would’ve liked to stretch this jeep more, lower it and add more features for storage and make it a cross between hard core trail rig and camping rig which is more of what I’m getting into nowadays.

    Derek Lobato September 2, 2015,8:27 pm

    I really liked my 2 door driving to work as well, it drove great on the highway, was comfortable and just a blast to drive.