Motive Ring and Pinion Axle Gears Review
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Motive Gear offers aftermarket ring and pinion axle gears for many different applications. The lower axle gears are designed to compensate for larger tire diameters and improve performance on and off road. Load your user review below.

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May 05, 2015, 1:01 pm
Lots of ratios and applications are available.
Maybe I got a bad gear set, but these 4.57 Motive gears would not allow a good pattern in a stock Ford 9-inch. The ring and pinion ate itself before the weekend was up.
Bottom Line:
Motive part number F890457: I had to keep pulling shims from the pinion support until there were no shims left. The gear required an even deeper setting but it was not possible without machining the housing. I must have gotten a bad set of gears. Should have returned them but I was on a short timeline.
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4X4 Setup
1979 Ford Bronco on 36-inch tires, stock 9-inch case, 31-spline spool, and stock pinion support.
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Not my truck, owned by a buddy
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4 Wheel Parts
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0-3 Months
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Recreational Trails
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