Flaming River Big Switch
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Product Description

This is a master battery disconnect switch typically used in race cars to let someone outside the vehicle turn off the electric power to the entire vehicle after a crash. It’s useful in an off-road vehicle or any vehicle for safety, and also for any vehicle that sits for long periods of time to stop slow battery drain. It is also an effective anti-theft device if the switch is hidden. Flaming River also makes a version of this with a removable key, and versions with levers and indicator lights.

User Reviews
Date Reviewed:
May 06, 2015, 11:11 pm
Strong and extremely positive on/off position. Spring loaded so it snaps the off position. You're never in doubt about whether it is full engaged or not.
Mounting it leaves the terminals exposed. Get the Flaming River batter terminal covers to take care of this.
Bottom Line:
I first used one of these on a drag-race car. I've used a few different master on/off switches before and this one from Flaming River has the best, most positive engagement of any I've used. You're never in doubt about whether it is fully engaged or not. And the spring-loaded switch makes it nearly impossible to accidentally knock it into the on position, although you can accidentally knock it into the off position. I've had these in 2 of my vehicles for 20 years now without a failure or even any sign of wear, and I turn the switch every time I get in and out of the vehicles. I like the safety they provide, making it easy to quickly shut down all of the electrical system in a vehicle. I also like that that they eliminate any slow amp draw in a vehicle system.
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