Dynatrac ProGrip Brake System for JK
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Product Description

The Dynatrac ProGrip Brake System comes with larger rotors for the front and rear, providing improved braking by moving the factory calipers farther from the axle centerline. The increased rear braking power provides balanced braking, reducing nose dive and dramatically improving the control of the vehicle in mild and hard braking conditions compared to upgrades that only address the front brakes. Significant research was done to select the optimum front and rear brake-pad linings to balance the system and provide additional stopping power.

User Reviews
Date Reviewed:
May 08, 2015, 1:01 pm
Easy install and improved overall braking performance, more than 60-0 stopping improvement. Solid pedal feel.
Need to install front and rear for best performance. You can install them without bleeding the brakes, but you should bleed the brakes anyway to flush the system.
Bottom Line:
The Dynatrac ProGrip brake system provides significantly better braking performance for day-to-day driving, especially on Jeep Wrangler JKs with bigger tires and additional weight. The pedal is more predictable than stock and not overly sensitive. With the stock brakes I would push and push and push, until finally it felt like the brakes were reacting. With the Dynatrac brakes I can slowly roll into the pedal and feel the brakes reacting immediately.
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