How to Mount a Beadlock Wheel

It’s easy to mount tires on beadlock wheels. You won’t need any special tire or wheel tools. What you’ll need is the wheels, tires, hand tools and a torque wrench and plenty of time: each wheel took us about an hour to mount the tire, bolt on the bead ring and torque all of the attaching fasteners.


The biggest challenge when mounting the tires is getting it over the wheel. By design, this is a tight fit with the opening in the tire being a bit smaller than diameter of the wheel. We’ve seen people overcome this in a variety of ways. Some entertaining to watch and others just plain scary. We prefer to use a Hi-Lift Jack and some fancy footwork to slowly work the tire onto the wheel.

In this article, we were mounting a set of BFGoodrich Krawlers T/A KX tires onto Eaton steel beadlock wheels from National Tire & Wheel. These are affordable beadlocks that will hold up to a generous amount of grinding on rocks.

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