About Us

Cole Quinnell BanHammer 4x4
There’s a story behind every website. This one is about evolution, and it starts with an explanation what what the website is not.


I come from a long career in off-road enthusiast magazines, and some of you may recognize my name as the former editor and editorial director of 4-Wheel & Off-Road, Four Wheeler and Jp magazines. These are still great magazines which I enjoy very much, and I have no intention of replacing them with this website. More recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time on forums, websites and social media. Each of these serve a good purpose. but I felt like something was missing. A website that had a good look, was easy to find what you’re looking for and, most importantly, a place for off-road enthusiasts to pool their experiences and share the good and the bad to help everyone.  Magazines have a good look and presentation along with good content, but they lack the ability for readers to really talk to each other and share experiences and opinions. Forums are great for this, but generally lack great presentation, and it can be hard to sort out the trolls from the really knowledgeable members. Social media is helpful, but it’s ever changing and hard to search and find specific things on.


BanHammer4x4 is a community. That’s easy to say but let’s put some meat on it. Let’s face it, before you buy nearly anything today, you probably read online reviews or do a search to see what others are saying about it. BanHammer4x4 is that place for off-road enthusiasts. The reviews are written by other off-road enthusiasts, and you can quickly tell if that person is building a 4×4 like yours and whether they do the same type of ‘wheeling that you do to further decide whether the review is valid for you or not. You can review products to help others, and you can even comment and ask questions on reviews to get more information from the community. The products are organized to make them easy to find.


BanHammer4x4 is more than just relevant product ratings, though. There are tech stories, videos, readers’ rides and more. Check out our Welcome to BanHammer4x4 page for a list of what you can on the website.


Most of what you find on the website will be generated by its members (you). But you’ll also find tech and feature stories that I write along with some well-known freelances in the industry. My hope is that BanHammer4x4 will provide a unique place alongside magazines, forums and social media to add to fun of  building and ‘wheeling your 4×4.


-Cole Quinnell