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Welcome to BanHammer4x4, where your opinion counts! If you’re tired of 800-pound forum gorillas hiding behind a keyboard and shady self-serving 4×4 websites that never seem to have a poor review on anything, especially the advertisers’ products, then BanHammer4x4 is for you. At BanHammer4x4 YOU decide if a product, story or video is worthwhile. Knowledgeable members like you have the opportunity to let their 4×4 and off-road experience shine. If you’re just starting out, BanHammer4x4 is a great place to find honest evaluations from fellow enthusiasts on the the products and shops you are interested in.


It’s completely free to become a member! What you gain by being a member is access to all of the information on the site and the ability to rate products, vote just about anything up or down , ask questions and submit stories and photos about your 4x4s. Register today!


Build your profile:
Once you sign up, you’re more than an outdated forum member, you become a part of the BanHammer4x4 community. You have the ability to upload your Readers’ Rides images and 4×4 build threads. These will show on the website for others to find and be linked to your profile. You can add captions to your images to show and tell other users how and why you built your 4×4 the way you did. Share images of your 4×4 on its most recent trail ride.


Vote on stories and videos:
At BanHammer4x4 we give you the ability to show us and others what you like and don’t like. Give the stories and videos you enjoy the green hammer up and the stories and videos you dislike the red hammer down. We’re pretty quick learners, so we’ll figure out what works and provide what you want to see.


Vote on reviews:
Every interactive website has armchair quarterbacks. BanHammer4x4 lets you weed them out! If you don’t think a user’s product review is honest or accurate, you can give the review a red hammer down, helping newer 4×4 enthusiasts identify where the truly good reviews are. If you agree with a user’s review, reward it with a green hammer up. User-generated up and down hammer totals are tallied on every user profile. You’ll quickly be able to tell who is a knowledgeable trail hero and who’s simply a web-wheeling troll.


Product and shop reviews:
Write a review on any and all 4×4 products and shops that you have personally used. Include how and where you use products and any other pertinent information you think other users should know. If you don’t see the product or shop listed, drop us an email at admin@banhammer4x4.com with the shop contact info or product name and description, and we’ll add it so you can load your review as quickly as possible.


BanHammer4x4 gives you the ability to comment on nearly everything. Ask a question or share your knowledge with other enthusiasts just starting out. Show other users that you are a trustworthy 4×4 expert on BanHammer4x4.
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